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doesn't take much

This afternoon I went to Starbucks. I don't go often because they're spendy and they've monopolized the coffee business and most of the time I just want black coffee. Part of our Thanksgiving tradition, though, is going to Mom's Target and Starbucks on Black Friday. This year we made it to Target but not to Starbucks, nor did we make it to Starbucks on Saturday, as we said we would on the way to the Deer Valley Goodwill. I have a gift card smoldering in my pocket so today, after buying spray paint and water marbles at JoAnn, I pulled up to the drive-thru at Starbucks.

Usually I get some kind of blended iced vanilla chai thing. At the orderboard I was distracted by all the holiday drinks and opted for a white chocolate peppermint mocha, grande. One thing I will say for Starbucks: the employees are always uber-friendly. After ordering from the chirpy counterperson I pulled forward slightly, plugged in my ipod, and started a game of solitaire while listening to the White Stripes.

After the two cars ahead of me had been served I pulled up to the window and held out my gift card as the counterperson passed me my drink. "This one's on the house," she said.

"Why?" I asked, still holding out my card.

"Because you had to wait so long."

I did? Didn't feel like it. Still, I won't demand to pay for coffee if they think I deserve it free. "Rock and roll!" I said. "Thanks a lot."

And that's enough to keep me going to Starbucks.


Momma_Dee said…
Good for you! I would like things to always go in your favor. Hope the peppermint was delicious.
Momma_Dee said…
Oh-and I am so glad to have you blogging again. I've missed it.
auntie m said…
Me too. I've missed it too.

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