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Momma_Dee said…
Oh my, my darling girl. You are beautiful. And I am am very touched that you gave it for Lori's sister.
Gnightgirl said…
Oooooooooooooooooh, now I'm crying. Right here at my desk.
sulu-design said…
Beautiful. The cut, and the sentiment.
auntie m said…
You are an angel. What a thoughtful thing to do.
chez bez said…
I came here from Lori's blog. This post really warms my heart. Have a wonderful day.
shy_smiley said…
really. It was the least I could do (Lori: I'd rather make you laugh than cry, but I suppose a bit of both brings balance to life)
frugalmom said…
Wow! How wonderful. Man. This right here brought tears to my eyes.

*That* friend. Very powerful....Im very, very thankful to have that kinda friend in my life, too.

Such a great thing you did.
Wendy said…
Yes, a balance of laughter and tears... Lori is lucky to have a friend like you. Lovely thing to do. And the new do is awesome.
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