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ploye ploye ploye . . . order in the court!

I've got that mad desire to clear my house of clutter. Today I started on the pantry. On the bottom shelf in there I have a Rubbermaid bin full of sundry flours I purchased back when I thought I'd make all our bread with the brand new extra large bread machine I bought at the church rummage sale for $12. Of course I quickly wearied of the notion and gave away the bread machine through freecycle, and conveniently forgot all that flour in there.

I can't just throw it away!

I started in on the buckwheat flour first. A quick web search yielded a recipe for ployes. This is what the contributor has to say about the recipe:

This occupies a place of choice in our community. The Ploye looks like a pancake but is prepared with buckweat flour. It is used in place of bread. If you come from Northern New Brunswick and you are a BRAYON, it is a common thing to eat and is delicious. I posted it here so I would'nt loose it. After they are cooked, we spread butter on, roll them up and eat them that way. Some people like to finish a meal with one of these ploye drizzled with molasses as a dessert.

They're pretty easy to mix with the good old KitchenAid, and in no time I had a batch cooking on the griddle. Here they are, cooling on the rack, in front of the giant bin of flour.

They're really not that bad when spread with enough Nutella.

Anyone have a recipe for something using spelt flour? organic flaxseed meal? unlabeled health-food bulk bin mystery flour?


AZ said…
Hello Thrifty!

I followed you to your blog from "This Just In." I'm from Arizona too! I'm also a thrift store shopper! My sister gave me a KitchenAid mixer for Christmas and the last time I went to Goodwill I found the grinder attachment for a whopping $1.49. I checked several Internet sites and the cheapest all metal grinder I could find was $59. The new grinders are made of plastic so they don't last very long. I loved that you got your expensive bicycle for $20, be back later to check for other great bargains you're bound to find!
shy_smiley said…
az: thanks for stopping by! gnightgirl is my best friend from Illinois; she's the one who got me started blogging and I'm sorry to say I don't blog even half as well as she does. Congrats on your awesome find: that's the kind of thing that tickles me to pieces. Now, what will you use that all-metal grinder for? Just curious!
AZ said…
Ham salad sandwiches, make my own ground pork (the store variety is all fat), instead of buying bread crumbs I make them at home. I've been using my blender for the same jobs, but a blender isn't really made for grinding meat.

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