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I'm ridiculously in love with my new Retro Stereo, purchased at Big Lots for $45 this past Saturday during a shopping excursion with my sis, Mandy. I'd seen it advertised in the Wednesday flyer, I thought about it for several days, then I hemmed and hawed over the box at the store until Mandy said, "If you don't like it, you can always take it back."

Oh, but I DO like it. I DO! It perches on the buffet in the dining room, where I can see its squat black sleekness from the kitchen and the living room and I can hear its slightly monophonic sound most everywhere in the house. It has an MP3 jack, a CD tray, and AM/FM tuner, and a turntable. A TURNTABLE! Sweet. The volume knob turns it on, then a push of a button switches functions.

Today at the Goodwill I bought 4 records for a buck fifty. This is my favorite, because my mom had a copy (the same cover art) and I often played it during my growing up years. It's Jack's favorite, too:

How dorky are we? We spent the afternoon spinning "Tradition!" over and over again, and building the Boba Fett puzzle again, and a few other 100 piece puzzles too. The first time Jack heard the horse/mule disagreement, he asked, "What was it, actually?" I had to admit I didn't know. I do know that we had a great time this afternoon. I won't be taking this baby back to Big Lots. It's mine now. And I love it.


VaxGirl said…
That is fabulous looking! They had one at BJ's a couple years ago for about $120.00, but I like the look of this one better. Plus I like the fact that it has a turntable. I keep vascillating on getting rid of all my albums because we don't have a turntable. I will have to check our Big Lots here in NY.
shy_smiley said…
vaxgirl: thanks for dropping by. I can't describe how thrilled I am to have a turntable again: it's been so long since we had one that we don't even own any albums anymore but they're so danged cheap at the thrift stores and there's something wonderfully nostalgiac about the scratchy record sound, the occasional skip, and the click .... click .... click when the record's over but the needle keeps going round and round.
sulu-design said…
Thanks so much for commenting on my blog today. It's so nice to hear from you, and to find your blog, too. It's funny - I'm spending the day packing, but the one thing I cannot touch is my husband's turntable. He's gotta pack that on his own - it's practically sacred to him. Have fun enjoying yours!

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