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paper treasure

Yesterday I spent $27 at St. Vincent de Paul's and brought home a trunk load of goodies: knick knacks, vintage games, a few record albums, a bag of yarn. I'll be posting as the mood hits me today. We had so much fun.

I love how the box is secured with string when most of us these days would tape it or use rubber bands. I couldn't wait to see the cards inside.

Oh joy! An unexpected heavenly chorus of angels greeted me.

How old are they? The copyright on the box is 1957... could these angels and reindeer and the funny lone bunny be relics from 1957? Not in my mind. In my imaginings the angels were colored by grandchildren visiting for Christmas in the house their parents grew up in, playing with these boring alphabet cards and abandoning that tedium to color some Xeroxed angels. After Christmas when the grandparents cleaned up the chaos the grandkids left, they just tucked these angels in with the cards and tied it all up with string and it hasn't seen the light of day since 1981.

The grandparents saved everything, including these flashcards made by their own kids, the parents of their grandchildren. Three generations in this box, relinquished to the thrift store when the grandparents finally sold the home they'd owned for decades and moved to a retirement community.

And one day Jack and I rolled in to St. Vincent de Paul's and bought this box without even looking inside first. Because we knew it was full of treasure.


Momma_Dee said…
So wonderful that we can be excited by someone's cast-offs. I made a trip over to a newly opened Goodwill on Saturday to discover a 50% off everything in the store sale. Some how that's way more exciting than a trip to the upscale shopping in N. Scottsdale. Among my treasures was an old Pepperidge Farm cookbook, water damaged but delightful and a brand new sealed in the box little electric grill. Cheap thrills! The book section was the best I've found up here.
sulu-design said…
The old flashcards that are pictured on the box are great, but the handmade ones inside are so dear. What a hidden treasure!

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