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why is it my favorite thrift store?

because they haven't figured out that Vera Bradley handbags are expensive. Last Friday I picked up both of these in one trip, and I used my 50% off coupon, so they were half the price you see in the photo.

Seaport navy tote, retired in January 2005. This bag is monogrammed. The initials are almost mine, if I go by my nickname and maiden name with a different middle name. This one sells for $40 on verabradley(dot)com.

Blue coin handbag, color retired in July 2002. This one sells for $50 on verabradley(dot)com.

I feel like a thief. But I don't feel bad about it.


Lynx217 said…
If you're ever in SE PA drop me a line, there's a thrift store here that can do that too sometimes. Never hurts to check them out. Heck I got my hands on a cdrw disc for 50 cents and you know ya can't buy them individually in store much less for less than a few bucks. Plus I got a brand new - tags still on it - terry cloth oven mit out of the trash once in ohio, along with my guest linen set - comforter, sheet, pillow (which got scoured AND washed) and case. And my display case was sitting outside the dumpster here... and we rescued a guitar too that only needs new strings and two pegs! Happy Huntings!
I too look for Vera's at thrift stores. It's nice for once to be ahead of the game. Even my very expensive thrift store where I live hasn't caught on yet. I picked one up this weekend for $5.00 at a flea market. A bit more than I normally pay but I was so happy to find it. And wow, I haven't seen thrift store coupons in years.
shy_smiley said…
lynx217: thrifty technology rocks! Just the other day I scored an HP inkjet print cartridge 57 for $2.99! That saved me a heap, as it was time for me to replace the color cartridge in my printer. I'm so deep into thrifting that I can't bear to pay full price for anything. Anywhere.

ATG: yeah, my favorite thrift in town runs 50% off coupons in a weekly mailer. I myself don't receive the mailer but I have a lot of friends who do, and they keep me well stocked. How deep into thrifting are you when you can't bear to pay full price for something AT A THRIFT STORE!? Geesh.
Lynx217 said…
Girl, if you have a pharmacy out there that just got bought out, like Eckerd's did here by Rite Aid, keep an eye out as they're liable to heavily discount the old brand's stuff! I got an $8 bottle of generic 120ct aleve for less than $2!!!! Thanks for stopping by and I will have you up on my roll soon!

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