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Star Wars anopoly

About a month ago Jack scored a Star Wars Monopoly game for $1.99 at the Goodwill. I didn't want to buy it because I thought he wanted it only for the pewter playing figures, most of which were missing. Those included were Boba Fett, Princess Leia, and the Emperor. Just enough for me, DH, and Jack to play what Jack calls Star Wars Anopoly, with rules modified by Master Jedi Jack Doubleroller.

We play every night. The game is pretty much like regular monopoly except we play until all the "pwahpahties" have been purchased after which the game is over and we either begin a new one or put it away so I can work a jigsaw puzzle and have a break from the game. Jack is Boba Fett and DH is the Emperor, and they play on a team, sharing money but moving independently. The first couple of games they totally creamed me, until Leia enlisted her brother Luke to join the team. After that I fared a bit better, except that I don't always pay attention and sometimes Boba Fett or the Emperor "squat" on my properties and I neglect to collect the rent. I'm not paying attention because I've picked up an annoying little hobby of cutting out and assembling paper toys while playing Star Wars Anopoly. Here are the results of my very first ever paper toy assembly:

It's called "mover" and can be downloaded for free here. I discovered it through one of my favorite papercraft blogs, Paper Forest. Perhaps for my first paper toy assembly I shouldn't have chosen something with such tiny curves, but I didn't know!

Look how surprised he is! That's after he witnessed Jack roll doubles 3 times in a row during one turn, landing Boba Fett in jail. After the Emperor bailed him out, Jack rolled doubles 3 times in one turn yet again. DH said, "We're going to Vegas, baby!" Load up the mushrooms, Mover. Here we go!


sulu-design said…
I must find this game for my Star Wars obsessed nephew. And that paper toy site sounds great. Once I'm unpacked and on my own computer, I'm so there.
kimsherrod said…
Becky- HI!!!! That wasn't so difficult was it? de-lurking? I like your blog and am adding it to my sidebar. Thanks for the links for the paper stuff- I love it! I love those mice too! Thanks for saying hi! Nice to meet ya! x0x0x0 calamity kim

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