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can you tell?

I'm back to work... and I see I don't post as frequently when school is in session. I guess that's natural, when you have a job and a kid, that you post more regularly when you're on vacation. I've had a million things to talk about:

  • Jack's First Progress Report, or Why I Don't Believe in Standardized Testing
  • Return to Work Leaves Me Feeling Slightly Deflated (like the Mylar balloon we still have from our neighbor's third birthday exactly a month ago, a balloon which retains enough helium to float dejectedly around the family room more or less at eye level)
  • The Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary, both of which I could discuss with a semblance of intelligence thanks to my developing habit of listening to NPR whenever I get a chance
  • The difficulty in developing a habit of listening to NPR whenever I get a chance
  • The radiant faces of my preschoolers fresh from winter break, brimming with stories to tell me about Santa and hot air balloons, mermaids and Princess computers
  • Funny things the kids say, like tonight when Jack told Aunt Bin she isn't so fat anymore, and Evan declaring in Petco: "I want to ride a wiener!" when what he really meant was "I want to ride a Dachsund!"

Now I find it's time to go to bed, but there are still a million things I'd like to write about, a thousand projects I'd like to begin and more than a handful I need to finish, four movies I'd like to watch, three books I'd like to read, two cats I'd like to cuddle, and one dog I'd like to pet, a dog eyeing me from her bed waiting for me to go to sleep myself. I'm off.


sulu-design said…
Jack's comment in the pet shop made me laugh out loud, as did your description of the Dorothy-dressed movie goer in your last post. I'm glad that being back at work has you so energized. And for the resolution to keep informed, I strongly support your new NPR habit. I'm addicted to it, listening in the bathroom while I shower and any time I'm in the car. I used to have it on in the classroom when I ate lunch and prepared after school for the following day, too.
Happy 2008!
shy_smiley said…
sulu: thanks for your comment and your support. It's so much more rewarding to blog when you connect with others of similar mind. I'm grateful for your regular visits.
Bobbypin Bandit said…
Hello!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I know what you mean about being busy. I start school next week and am in the process of getting busy with planning things for class and all the lovely semester happenings. Hopefully you won't get too busy! I just quite my job at Yikes so I can concentrate on school. I only work on an as-needed-basis now. Hopefully I will see you around town!

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