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of course it starts in a Dumpster, or Why Can't I Start with a Simple Scarf?

Over the summer I found this bag in my favorite recycling center Dumpster.

Inside: seven or eight skeins of yarn, a crochet hook, and an abandoned swatch of decent crochet work.

Of course I brought it home and tried to teach myself to crochet from The Complete Book of Handicrafts. I managed to crochet a chain or two before utter frustration took over.

Then I found a book of crafts for kids at the library. It contained instructions for knitting a simple stuffed toy called "Fast Freddie." I thought, "If a kid can learn to knit, then so can I!"

So I did. This is Finfrock, who is nothing but a set of 5 simple garter stitched rectangles folded, stitched, stuffed, and sewn together. After finishing Finfrock and his scarf, I started an interminable garter stitch tote I've mentioned before. Cast on 130 stitches or so, and garter stitch until you've got a rectangle 26 inches in length. I'm maybe a third of the way there, but I've lost interest. So my mom taught me to knit a preemie cap for charity, which gave me lots of single rib practice and allowed me to botch my first decrease. Then in the library I found a book called World of Knitted Toys by Kath Dalmeney.

It took me a little over a week to knit and stuff the Adult Pig. I managed the instructions OK but my technique needs some improvement. Still, I'm proud I finished her. She's way overstuffed because I was thinking of the time I made Hillary's Pointy Kitty.

Next project? Lion Brand's free pattern for the Carousel Hat, in burgundy and purple, I think. Maybe with a scarf to match.


Momma_Dee said…
You are going to be a knitter par excellence. I can't believe you worked out that pig. My first knitting project ever was a hat and I never did finish it.
Ana said…
You're an inspiration, girl!
Love that Pig!
VaxGirl said…
Wow, you did a great job! Those are some cute little fellows. I love kids' knitting books, the projects are so sweet.
sulu-design said…
You are so, so impressive! I can't believe that these are your first projects. They are adorable, and so well-done. To think... it all started from a discarded bag in a dumpster!

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