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proud mama

Over the summer our preschool offers what's called Summer Camp, which is simply a subtle reworking of our offerings during the academic year. Last year we both took the summer off; this year I can't afford it. This year, I'm working my usual part-time hours, but in the afternoon instead of the morning. Though Jack's on the cusp of being too old to attend summer camp he comes with me anyway, and I daresay he's enjoying being the Big Man on Campus: one of the oldest, most mature children attending.


Jack usually chooses the book we read at circle time after we come in from our last playground time of the afternoon. Today he chose Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You Hear? by Bill Martin, Jr. and Eric Carle. He put it on the chair for Susan to read to the group. I said, "Jack, you could read that book to us yourself."

And he did.

It was hard for him to manage reading the book while holding it up for us to see the pictures. On this one he said, "I'll read it in my head and then hold it up and tell you what it says."

See how flushed he is? That's from the heat outside, not from embarassment. He read perfectly.

For those of you who are familiar with it, Brown Bear ends with a spread that reads, "Teacher, teacher, what do you see?" At least, since 1992 it ends with a teacher. Between its publication in 1983 and its new edition in 1992, Brown Bear ends with a mother. The edition Jack read from ended with a mother, but all these children were born after 2000 and know Brown Bear by heart. Many of them disagreed. "It says, 'Teacher'," they insisted. Jack showed the book to everyone and held his finger under the word "Mother." His authority was enough for most children, except for Buzz Cut in the picture above. Buzz Cut insisted it said "teacher." He and Long Locks disagreed about it for several minutes before Jack said to them, "Guys. Guys, stop arguing. Let's go do something else."

So proud.


Momma_Dee said…
What a little champ! I'm proud, too.
Ana said…
Brilliant - Just like his mommy...
sulu-design said…
So sweet - a brilliant reader and a peacemaker!

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