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conversations with kids (1)

I'm talking with Zach while he's helping me clean cubbies on Thursday before school begins. Tucson is a small town; through freecycle I've met a relative of Zach's. I decide today to ask Zach about him. "Do you have an Uncle Dave?" I say.


"An Uncle David?"


"Maybe a cousin. Maybe your mom's cousin. Is there a cousin in your family named David?"

"All my cousins are little like me when I was a baby."

"Some cousins are grown up."

"Yeah. And they're with God."

"I have cousins who are grown up, and I'm a cousin who's grown up. But I hope it's a long time before I'm with God in heaven."

"Yeah. And when you go up there to heaven with God, I don't think you should wear that necklace."

OK, then.


Gnightgirl said…
The emperor has no clothes? I like that necklace, myself. I think God would like it ok too.
Ana said…
Yeah, leave it here and - if I'm still around - I'll put it on your altar, along with bottle caps, crosses, and Star Wars memorabilia. =]
You're the coolest person I know.

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