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lego store

Saturday, 11/29/2008, on our way home from MamaD's in Scottsdale, we stopped at the mall in Chandler specifically to visit the Lego Store. Yes. It's awesome. All Lego-yellow inside, super-bright, with all the catalog items on the shelf. I loved it as much as the boys did, but in a different way.

Perusing a builder magazine

Lego Death Star 10188, $399.99, 3803 pieces. 24 minifigures, including 6 exclusive. A certain someone I know is getting this for Christmas. A certain someone else I know will be jealous.

At kids-eye level these little portals open up onto various Lego scenes. The movie theater was one of my favorites.

Mini-figs cleaning a giant Lego brick... clever.

I also loved the Brick Wall, where you can hand-select bricks in various configurations and colors, perhaps to replace bricks you've lost, thus completing a set. Most of Jack's sets have long since disintegrated into the Giant Communal Lego bin (1 of 3). When he gets a bit older I hope to encourage him to sort through the Giant Communcal Lego bins and assemble his sets to play with and keep on the shelf fully assembled. I can always dream.

There's something about the sound of bricks clacking together.

There's no other sound like it. And no other boys like these.

Brazey spent most of his time at the Brick Wall.

There's a good one.

Here's a set I'd like to build myself, though I doubt I could possibly be as happy about it as the dude on the box is.

Another for me.

And one more. Yes, I'm a nerd.


Nannie said…
But..... not the only nerd, i want those last three too!
Momma_Dee said…
Oh my! Me, too.
auntie m said…
Looks like a place I'd to visit but I wouldn't have a clue how to put them together.

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