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I got a facebook invitation to make Bottle Cap Art at the U of A's student union through a new group called create/sustain/renew. Mandy and I went on Wednesday to the Union Gallery. The event was categorized as a party/mixer. We didn't know what to expect but this is what we found.

Their facebook group describes the approach as "passive education." So we walked in, looked around, found a place to sit, and delved right into the supplies provided. Through chatting with our tablemates we found out who was in charge and asked her a few questions as we selected our materials. We discovered it was nothing we've not done before: use a 1-inch circle punch to extract an interesting image from the pages of a magazine, glue it to the inside or outside of a bottle cap, modpodge the whole schmeer, punch a few holes through the rim of the cap with an awl, insert a jump ring, hang it from an earring hook. Earring!

I made three magnets and a set of earrings. Mandy made a set of earrings. Our tablemate was superhumanly strong; she made a bracelet and punched a total of 24 holes in 6 bottlecaps with a blunt awl. (We decided that superhuman strength comes from her youth, ROTC status, and desire to become a trauma surgeon.) I punched 4 holes in two bottlecaps and felt it in the palms of my hands for days afterward. Mandy tried to punch a few holes but succeeded twice in sending her bottle cap careening across the room. (I punched her holes for her.)

Here's a picture of the earrings I made during our midweek party/mixer to make art from "everyday objects, trash, and recycled objects."


auntie m said…
Actually those are quite lovely!
Momma_Dee said…
Really pretty. You and Mandy should probably have been teaching the class!
sulu-design said…
This post is a couple weeks old at this point... I'm just coming to it now because a cold that has lingered for a record-breaking amount of time had cut my blog reading time drastically. Anyhow, just wanted to say that the earrings are awesome. I love that you've learned another way to turn frugality and the reuse of discarded items into something beautiful.

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