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In the fridge I have a head of cauliflower, a bag of broccoli florets, and a bag of washed spinach leaves. I'm browsing the web for a recipe that might make use of those items, along with the staples I usually keep. Lo and behold, there's a recipe for some kind of mock-Indian deal requiring 2 chopped onions, 1/4 c minced garlic (!), a can of chickpeas, a tbsp of curry powder. "Do I have curry powder?" I ask myself out loud.

"For what?" Jack asks.

"For dinner."

"What kind of dinner?"

"Some kind of vegetarian dinner you won't eat."

"Is it bacon soup?" he asks. "Because I'd eat fresh bacon soup."

Let's see how you like broccoli-cauliflower-spinach-chickpeas with a shitload of garlic and a fat-free yoghurt curry sauce over brown basmati rice.

(Post-prandial editorial: Fresh bacon soup would have pleased me better, too. The broccoli-cauliflower-spinach-chickpeas-shitloadofgarlic-fatfreeyoghurtcurrysauce concoction was well-nigh unpalatable. Dave and I ate it anyway. I was in favor of trashing the leftovers (this from a girl who scrapes the mold off cheese or bread and eats partially rotten fruit rather than throw it away).


sulu-design said…
I'm laughing out loud at this for several reasons. First: fresh bacon soup. Fresh. Second: I'm imagining what the little ones you work with tomorrow will say about 1/4 cup garlic breath. And I'm nodding right along with scraping mold off food to get to the good stuff.
Momma_Dee said…
This one really made me laugh. Who the hell wouldn't eat a little fresh bacon. And I was thinking when you made Dave eat that rotten peach. Or maybe he didn't eat it but I was laughing so hard I didn't know the difference.
Because I would eat fresh bacon soup is just sooo Jack.
auntie m said…
Please send me the recipe for fresh bacon soup. I have thrown away very few dinner entrees in my lifetime but one of them involved cellaphane noodles. I think they were made out of real cellaphane.

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