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three day weekend stretches into five

We had Friday off for teacher in-service and I didn't have to work because we attended the SAzAEYC Annual Conference on a Saturday at the end of September. While watching Village of the Damned, Children of the Damned, and Burn After Reading, I crafted near 30 pair of bottlecap earrings to add to my inventory, which my friend Susan hawked for me at her booth at the Blues Fest on Sunday.

Brazey helps me "do some" (yes, that's a dress from the Great Goodwill Heist)

I didn't sleep well Sunday night and was up for several of the wee Monday morning hours, then arose at my usual 4:30 am. I plowed through my morning routine: checked my email, my fb, bible reading, 2 mile dog walk, 8 minute arm toner, Jack's breakfast, my breakfast, pack my lunch, pack Jack's lunch, out the door just in time to be 5 minutes late for my conference with Jack's second grade teacher. Sitting there listening to her talk about somebody else's kid, it hit me like a ton of bricks: "I don't feel good."

Trip to the Take Care Clinic at Walgreen's determines no H1N1, no strep, but don't go back to work for the next 48 hours. Went back to work anyway out of guilt or spite or whatever. The rest is a blur.

The backsides of my eyeballs are no longer flaming, and my joints no longer encased in hot wax. I still feel like I'm trying desperately to swallow a handful of popcorn hulls. Sipping ice water helps.

Once or twice a year I get knocked down hard like this, but I think that's pretty good for a preschool teacher.


anita said…
Sounds like you've had "that thing that's going around." We're just getting over it. Bleah.

Hope you feel all better soon.
Miss Linder said…
Village of the Damned! I saw that when I was 11 in a movie theatre. For awhile I was convinced I was one of them.

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