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hello, Dolly...well, hello, Dolly

Two weeks ago I went to PetSmart for some fish...

...and came home with Dolly.

Yeah, I been sittin' on this news for a while, because I worried that it was too soon, and I worried she wouldn't fit in, and I just worried.

But I fell for her. Hard. She's two years old. Sweet and shy. She spends most of her time behind the washer or under the bed, though in the quiet hours of the morning she comes into the family room with me and Kismet and Cassie. Dolly and Kismet would be getting along fine, I think, if it weren't for Cassie the Fun Police. When they get close Dolly and Kismet get to caterwauling and that's too much for Cassie to take, so she commences to freak out. Dolly's cautious and taking it slow, and we're doing our best to give her the room she needs.

She's small and soft and whiskery, with a squeekier meow than any cat I've had before. She came to the Humane Society from her previous owners, and we kept the name Dolly because it's so versatile. Officially she's Mrs. Dolly Whitaker-Blackmore, but mostly we call her Dollarton.


Momma_Dee said…
AAAAwwwwwwwww! If Dollarton is the only name you ever have for her, it will be an oddity in this family. She's really pretty and I'm sure she will fit in. And she comes with her own song.
Anita said…
Oh, she's so pretty! She looks a lot like my Earl. (I have a thing for tuxedo cats.) Good for you!
auntie m said…
Hello's so nice to have you back where you belong. I met Jay's kitties Tess and Brody yesterday and I just couldn't keep my hands off these two tiny baby dolls.

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