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This morning Cassie and I went around and took down the Missing Moxie posters. When she first disappeared I had a hard weekend of mourning but gradually returned to normal. We spent an afternoon searching the shelters and filing a report with the Humane Society. The recommendations from both places were to check their websites daily, check the Found Pets website daily, and check craigslist daily. I've done all those things. Moxie hasn't turned up. I'm resigned to her fate, which can't be pretty, but I no longer visual the potential scenarios of her demise but instead reminisce about what a good sweet kitty she was.

And those people at the shelter, the ones who recommend you check the websites daily? They have ulterior motives, you know. If you don't hook up with your lost pet they're hoping you'll hook up with a pet who needs a home. We've got room now. Moxie will never be replaced, and we'll always miss her. But someone else could warm our hearts.


Momma_Dee said…
She was a lovely girl and we can be thankful for the time we all had her. The circle of life is a wheel of fortune as the Lion King says.
Tom S said…
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Tom S said…
Sorry you lost Moxie. It's hard to lose a pet. Our companion animals all have unique personalities and can never be replaced, but maybe when you're ready another cat can move in and become irreplaceable, too.

Anita said…
I'm sorry you never found Moxie—a loss like that always leaves a big hole. I hope you'll find another who will help fill it when you're ready.
Gnightgirl said…
I'm sorry too, losing a pet is so hard. I love my little Minxie so much, I can't imagine something happening to her. Thinking of you, and good luck finding another one to love.

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