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wotd: languor

languor \LANG-guhr; LANG-uhr\, noun:
1. Mental or physical weariness or fatigue.
2. Listless indolence, especially the indolence of one who is satiated by a life of luxury or pleasure.
3. A heaviness or oppressive stillness of the air.

My sister Mandy makes fun of my daily checklist. Today's checklist goes:
  • buns
  • Bible
  • blog
  • walk
  • portfolio
  • 7:00 pm Town Hall: Ed & Tiny
  • legs

Tomorrow's checklist goes:
  • arms
  • Bible
  • blog
  • walk
  • chapel
  • portfolio deadline
  • Jack Choir 6:45
  • Ring Sonoran bells 6:30-8:30
  • abs

Translated, that means I started the day with the 8 min buns workout, then perused today's Bible reading with attendant reflection from Forward Day by Day. Then I took the dog for a walk. Since I've got the hare-brained notion to write these daily blog entries I've been marking them on my to-do list early in the day, but discover that they're better suited for end-of-the-day (next week, I'll move them). In the afternoon I dedicated an hour or two to working on our classroom's NAEYC portfolio. This evening the Discernment Committee held the first of 6 Town Hall meetings, chaired by Ed Maxwell and scribed by Tiny Read. When I got home I did the 8 min legs workout, cracked a beer and steamed some shu mai, and hear I sit typing away. My list doesn't even include the day's routine things, like preparing 3 meals for myself and Jack, working from 8:45 to 3:15 with a roomful of three year olds, shopping at Big Lots for snacks. It's no wonder my mind is deep in languor.

What's ironic: before today's wotd I thought languor was a state of decadent laziness. I guess that's what meaning 2 denotes... funny that the same word can mean two entirely different things.


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wotd: temporize

temporize \TEM-puh-ryz\, intransitive verb:
1. To be indecisive or evasive in order to gain time or delay action.
2. To comply with the time or occasion; to yield to prevailing opinion or circumstances.
3. To engage in discussions or negotiations so as to gain time (usually followed by 'with').
4. To come to terms (usually followed by 'with').

It's easy to tell yourself that you'll write a daily blog entry using the word of the day from dictionary(dot)com as a prompt, and equally easy to temporize your daily entry by waffling over what to write about, or evading your obligation by procrastination. There. Bedtime.

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Indulge me! In no particular order:

1. I love making pinatas. I've made a pinata for Jack's birthday for the last five years. The Death Star, a jellyfish from Spongebob, Patrick Star from Spongebob, Plankton from Spongebob, and just this year King Pig from Angry Birds. I've been commissioned by a friend to produce another Angry Birds Pig pinata for her son's birthday. I'm gonna do it.

2. Right now three of my ten fingers hurt when I type. I don't bite my nails (unless one is already broken) but I do pick and pull at my cuticles. I've developed acute paronychia, a bacterial infection, at those three finger tips. The one that hurts the most is my right thumb. Space bar hell. I've done this to myself since childhood. When I'm pulling and nipping at a hangnail, I know it's going to hurt but I go ahead and do it anyway.

3. I consider myself substantial: in body and in mind. I am robust. I have zeal. I just don't have any confidence.

4. My brain stop…