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Lessons and Carols

We opened the door to the sanctuary, where Dr. Keyl was rehearsing the adult choir. "Good morning, Jack," he said to us as we entered. "Thanks for coming so early."

Whoa. Those were words we never heard when we had to get DH to come to church with us. It felt good to be on time. To be where I was supposed to be when I was supposed to be there. It felt good to be modeling for Jack.

A few of us ringers rehearsed the Huron Carol with the women's voices. While we were rehearsing, Alison D helped Jack with his robe and his cotta. At rehearsal two weeks ago Dr. Keyl told me he planned to award the cotta to Jack and two of his choir compatriots. The cotta symbolizes dedication, reliability, and leadership. This is only Jack's second year in choir. I'm so proud of him.

Lessons and Carols is one of my favorite services. "Once in Royal David's City" was the processional hymn, the first verse sung by children's voices only. Today's scriptures were especially dear to me, as they were read by children and adults I've come to know and love through church. Though secure in the warmth and love of my church family, I was distracted. My eyes kept wandering to the door. Through the first reading, the first adult choir anthem, and the second reading. Then it was time for the youth choir to sing, and still DH hadn't arrived. He's notoriously late for everything. I don't know why I still expect that to change.

Jack and the whole youth choir sang "Prepare the Way, O Zion" with precision and strength. And Jack's daddy missed it. But I didn't miss it. I was there. I was there, with tears in my eyes.

Most of the time I chug along like the Little Engine That Could, then some small occurrence like this derails me. For the rest of the service I cried through all the anthems and thanked God for the release. I sing the songs and learn the lessons, sometimes unexpected. And some lessons I never learn.


Gnightgirl said…
I love you. I'm glad you're writing.
shy_smiley said…
Thanks, Lorita. It helps. (and it helps that I'm on winter break: more leisure time to write)
Momma_Dee said…
I am so happy to see you writing. And I love you more than you can know. Jack looks angelic.

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