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file under s for strange (or skin tag)

Ever since he discovered them during a wrestling match a month or so ago, Jack has been fascinated by the two skin tags clinging to the outside periphery of my right armpit. The other night I agreed to let him cut them off. What? Why would he want to anyway? At my direction he got the cuticle scissors and a Kleenex to stop whatever bleeding there might be. After two unsuccessful and painful tries, I bade him turn the scissors over so the blade curved against my skin, rather than away from it. He cut off the little one first, then the big one. The big one he rolled between his fingers like a booger, than deposited it in a carefully crafted paper towel envelope. The next morning I threw it away, but then fished it out of the trash when he threw a fit.

What's up with that? I mean, I'm glad to be rid of those freaky little blemishes without paying a doctor to do the surgery, but why was Jack so interested? And why did he insist on saving the big one?

Last night I threw it away again. We'll see what happens.


Gnightgirl said…
At the advice of a friend, I tied a string around a skin tag on my armpit, and it fell off in one day. Only really I used a piece of waxed dental floss, because string was too wobbly to manipulate. It worked. I've been meaning to draw a cartoon of the process.

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