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I want to know (2)

How do you get your news? Not from these bozos, I hope.

I admit, I'm woefully uninformed about happenings in the world, the nation, the state, even my city. I know what's going on at my workplace, but I could have an even broader understanding if I would take the time to learn about state and federal educational policy (even though I work at a private, priveleged preschool, and even though I'm scared to learn about educational policy because I think I might become outraged).

As part of my "awareness" resolution this year, I'm trying to find ways to know more about the world. I'm starting to watch the news, which I've never done before, because one of the evening news anchors is a mom in my class and it's kind of a kick to see her on TV. But I find the local network news to be really superficial and somewhat sensationalist.

So what do you do? Read Time? US News & World Report? The newspaper?

These past few mornings, the first of 2008, I've been sitting at the computer desk listening to NPR online as I knit a couple of rows on the current project. I know there's political turmoil in Kenya and Pakistan; I know Iran and Korea are working on nukes. I already know more this year than I did last year. Still, I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to get informed.


Gnightgirl said…
I'm embarrassed to say that my own kid is in Iraq and I'm still a complete political ignoramus. I'm amazed at how people can manage to have a grip on politics at home and around the world: how much reading and tv watching must they do to carry on certain conversations?

I listen to NPR too, and download the shows I miss to my iPod. It makes me want to get a big 'ol world map for my wall.

I love Time magazine, subscribed for awhile, but it's expensive, and I fell out of the habit. I miss it, actually. I miss reading the local paper, but every time I subscribe, I end up tossing days on end that I never had time to open.
Ana said…
This is why we don't know where to get our news...
What We Call the News

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